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@Twitter: Keeping us safe from condoms, one tweet at a time (Part 2)

Is your sexual health important to you? Us too! Lucky Bloke, where I am founder and CEO, has been inundated for months with emails from “Twitter for Business,” urging us to try out @TwitterAds and turn our followers into customers. We submitted this sponsored tweet to @TwitterAds program. It was swiftly rejected: This is hardly explicit or x-rated. (Frankly, it's not even r-rated.) Furthermore, neither this tweet (nor our website) link to explicit “sexual content.” Nonetheless, not only was this tweet rejected, our entire account was deemed ineligible because Twitter doesn’t actually allow promotion of safer sex items or contraceptives – even including education around safer sex. What is actually at work here is the perpetuation of stigma and shame around sex. Our … [Read More...]

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Hello, Birth Control!

When it comes to birth control, you’ve got a lot to choose from. All of us who need birth control want to find the right method that fits perfectly in our lives. Each of us have different needs. Thankfully, there are many effective methods to choose from today. Before you start deciphering between different brands, […]


Condom Love: Find out how amazing safer sex can be…

BY MELISSA WHITE You’ve probably been told how to use a condom but have you ever been told how to choose a condom? It’s not a one-size-fits-all proposition. There are sizes, shapes, materials, flavors, lubes- oh my! Melissa White, CEO of Lucky Bloke, to the rescue! Melissa explains everything you need to know, from size […]


Today’s Debate: Providing condoms for your teens…?

BY DR. KAREN RAYNE | No side: BUT THEN THEY’LL HAVE SEX! Yes side: But if they want to, they’ll have sex anyway. I do an experiment with my classes every now and then, for fun. I ask them through an anonymous question and answer system whether they plan to have sex later in […]


Reacquainting With Condoms After 11 Years On The Pill

Switching to condoms as one’s only birth control at 30 years old can be a dramatic shift in mindset from the comfort of quick-fix Pills to latexy shopping adventures with a partner. Here Rose Crompton from the Condom Monologues collective shares her dramatic contraceptive story that spans over a decade, told in 1000 words. Here are […]

From the documentary film Intersexion

The CSPH: Sex Advice for Intersex People

  Intersexuality is not uncommon, it’s just rarely spoken about or represented in everyday media and conversations. Very few people go public to announce their identity as intersex. However, according to the Intersex Society of North America, approximately 1 in 1500 births require a “sex differentiation specialist” to be called. Many more are born with […]

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Sex and The Plus Size Gal

A world that sets narrow standards of beauty has a real impact on how we evaluate our bodies and value ourselves. It also directly impacts how we feel when dating or experiencing sexual pleasure- sharing an intimate body experience with another is a serious exercise in self image.  Elle Chase (a.k.a. Lady Cheeky) states in […]