Stop Sexual Health Censorship! JOIN US… #ythlive

    Are you frustrated about how social media giants often censor crucial sexual health advocacy? Do you have a story to tell about how you were censored? In June 2014, Lucky Bloke launched the #Tweet4Condoms campaign to call on Twitter to stop their stigmatizing policies that prevent companies and nonprofits that promote sexual health from advertising, specifically around condom advertisements. And as people kept tweeting & media outlets reported on the censorship — we heard more & more stories about how tech giants are censoring crucial sexual health advocacy. In January 2015, Twitter finally changed their policy and moved condoms & lube from the “adult or sexual products” category into the “health and pharmaceutical products and services … [Read More...]

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I May Have Herpes. Now What?

Did you know that the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) is so common that many health professionals believe people should assume everyone has herpes and act accordingly? Yet, as common as Herpes is, it is surprising that most of us remain misinformed about how the infection spreads and how it can be prevented. One prevalent myth is […]

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Are Condoms Uncomfortable? These 10 Non-Latex Options Can Help

Dislike latex? Your best non latex condom options may change your mind about condoms. When it comes to condoms, latex is the most prolific material by far. But speckled across the sea of safer sex products is a growing number of alternative non latex condom options. There are many benefits to non latex condoms. As […]

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5 Myths About the Pull-Out Method, Corrected

The pull-out method (also known as “withdrawal” or “coitus interruptus”) involves the one with the penis to pull-out before he ejaculates. Health professionals do consider this a true method of birth control. Did you know that if the pull-out method is done correctly every time, it is almost as effective as using condoms to prevent […]

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Which of These 4 Types of Female Condoms Is Right For You?

There are hundreds of condom options for penis protection available today, ranging in condom size, material, texture, flavors and more. When it comes to the receptive partner, however, there is only one option. The FC2 is the only internal or female condom approved by the FDA and available for purchase. (We use the common term […]


Condom Love: Find Out How Amazing Safer Sex Can Be…

You’ve probably been told how to use a condom but have you ever been told how to choose a condom? It’s not a one-size-fits-all proposition. There are sizes, shapes, materials, flavors, lubes- oh my! Melissa White, CEO of Lucky Bloke, to the rescue! She explains everything you need to know, from size to shape, from […]

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Can I Get Pregnant If…? A Pregnancy Scare Companion

Do you think you (or your partner) might be pregnant? We get a lot of questions from readers wondering, “Can I get pregnant if…”. Bottom line: You can’t get pregnant from activities like petting or oral sex, only from activities in which semen comes in direct contact with the vagina. But what if there was […]

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Wanted: Men Who’d Benefit From a Snug Condom

Tired of condoms that slip and slide? Lucky Bloke can help! If you find condoms bought at the local drugstore too loose or baggy and often slip around, you are likely part of the 35% of men who require a smaller condom. This statistic may surprise you, but the fact is only 15% of men […]

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4 STI Myths That Get In The Way of a Healthier Sex Life

Think you know everything you need to know about STIs? You might be surprised. There is a lot of misinformation about sexual health and STIs (sexually transmitted infections) running amok. You’ve probably heard some of them (such as the myth that you can get an STI from a toilet seat). Here is Jenelle Marie, founder […]

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Sex School: Condoms = Cancer? Uh, No. (Part 3).

We’ve spoken out against the condom company, Sustain’s irresponsible marketing ploy which insinuates that many condoms cause cancer. The truth is there is no scientific evidence that any condoms are laden with harmful carcinogens. Now the greater sex education community is standing up against Sustain condoms.  The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (the CSPH) has […]


WE NEED YOU: Join the #LustforLife Campaign

The #LustforLife Campaign shines a spotlight on the fact that nearly 70% of the 50,000 new HIV infections in the U.S. each year occur in urban communities. In fact, HIV prevalence in low-income urban areas throughout the U.S. is similar to that of countries where USAID has declared HIV epidemics. Among heterosexual people in urban […]

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What Is Cis-Gender?

Gender identity is one of those overlooked concepts in sex education and yet is a basic part of our sexual lives. It influences how we dress, what roles we play in relationships and, to a large extent, what we’re attracted to sexually. So why not incorporate discussions of gender identity within the framework of safer […]

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Some Lubes are Safer for Anal Sex

Educators have long recommended silicone lube for anal play. However, many also insist on using more low-cost, drug store-available water-based lubricants because water-based is compatible with all types of condoms. The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (The CSPH) reports on a pair of studies that found that silicone lubricant may actually be an all-around […]

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What Is It Like to be Tested? STI/STD Testing in 5 Simple Steps

With all the stigma and fear surrounding sexually transmitted infections (STIs), going out of your way to specifically get tested can seem like a burden. According to the CDC, less than half of Americans ranging from 18 to 44 years old have never EVER been tested for STIs. This is a serious obstacle that cannot […]


Wetter Is Better: How to Choose the Right Lube

Natural lubrication is commonly believed to happen biologically for all women, all the time. In actuality, many women (and men) find that a little extra lube is worth the investment. Melissa White, CEO of Lucky Bloke, explains the “what” and “why” of the various lubricants available. Don’t miss her helpful video! This article is meant […]


How To Choose the Best Condoms for You (and Your Partner)!

When it comes to condom information, how do you know which are the best condoms? There exists thousands of variation that explain the same, step-by-step instructions of how to open a condom package, put it on, and dispose of the condom. Unfortunately, very few people learn anything else beyond that. This short-sighted approach allows for […]

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Drink and Be Merry: How to Party Safer

Due to many factors involved when it comes to heavy drink and party safety, one can be guaranteed complete security from STI and pregnancy prevention, or even communicating consent properly. However, it is not simply enough to say, “Don’t have sex when you are drunk.” In real life, sometimes when people party it can lead […]

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How to Tell a Sex Partner I Have an STD

A prerequisite to loving, healthy sexual partnership is trust and honesty. Thus, it is important for you and your sex partner to talk about your STI history and status (if one of you don’t know your status, why not get tested together?). Initiating disclosure can feel worrisome. How may you do it in a way […]

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Top 10 Things To Do Before You Have Sex

If you’re considering having sex for the very first time or for anytime thereafter (and by “sex” we mean any sexual activity in which you can transmit an STI), there are things you and your partner should know and do, especially if there is a risk of unwanted pregnancy. In this article, Dr. Karen Rayne […]

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What Sexual Activities Put You at Risk of STIs?

Most sex educators and medical professionals use the term “safer” instead of “safe” sex because certain risks do not completely go away when engaging in sexual activities. No matter our age, race, economic status, sexuality, gender, relationship type, married or single, all of us are at risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The most effective […]