Photographer Charles Rodstorm

Halloween: The Tangled Nature of Sexy & Violent Costumes

Once again, the "sexy" Halloween costume debate is in full swing this season. On the one hand, women ought to be allowed to explore their sexuality without fear of repercussions- slut-shaming, objectification, harassment. On the other hand, sexy costumes are increasingly becoming the only purchasing option on the market for women and girls. This debate has sparked grassroots activism, from stores being pressured to remove sexy toddler costumes, to radical DIY Liberate Halloween Action Kits. But this year's debate takes on a whole new dimension. Dr. Karen Rayne argues that more and more customs are sexualizing violence in absurd ways; some of which glorify domestic violence and victimhood. Drawing from examples in our popular culture, Rayne argues that this trend is a new kind of assault … [Read More...]

Photographer Gracie Hagen

How Your Thoughts Look On Your Body

Sex educator and body positive activist, Elle Chase, argues that being unconscious of how our thoughts effect our self-image is like leaving the kitchen faucet running. You can easily ignore the direct physical consequences because it seemingly isn’t affecting your everyday life.  Inspired by the photography project, “Illusions of the Body”, Elle challenges us to […]

Photograph by Stereotype

Silicone-Based Lube: Alternative Uses

There are many reasons why silicone-based lube plays a worthy addition to your sex life. As we discuss elsewhere, not only does silicone lube heighten sensitivity, it can also make sex safer because it reduces the risk of condom breakage, particularly when using ultra thin condoms. Studies show that silicone lube is the safer choice when […]

before stop using

Before You Stop Using Condoms….

It is very common for couples to start off the relationship using condoms and then, as the relationship lasts, their reliance on condoms decreases. But there are some steps to take in order to make this transition away from condoms a healthy one. In this article from Bedsider, Jessica Morse breaks down the things to […]

Photographer Cobalt123

Sexuality: WTF Is It, Anyway?

Sexuality is made up of various working parts, all of which are fundamental to being human. It involves a vast array of experiences including family and peer relationships, dating, physical development, emotional development, sensuality, gender, body image, media, and so much more. That is why it is such a difficult term to define. What one […]

From the award winning documentary, Under Our Skin (2009)

Monogamous? This STI Doesn’t Care

New research published this year suggests that Lyme disease is sexually transmitted between humans. These new findings could fundamentally change the way we think about STIs. The study (headed by microbiologist Marianne Middelveen and an international team of medical researchers) is the first to officially investigate sexual transmission between partners. However, it has been suggested […]


Condom Love: Find out how amazing safer sex can be…

You’ve probably been told how to use a condom but have you ever been told how to choose a condom? It’s not a one-size-fits-all proposition. There are sizes, shapes, materials, flavors, lubes- oh my! Melissa White, CEO of Lucky Bloke, to the rescue! She explains everything you need to know, from size to shape, from […]

Photographer Monik Markus

3 Questions About Taking The Birth Control Pill

Knowing how to use the birth control pill in the most effective way can seem confusing, especially considering all the different brands and varying information out there. The most common questions tend to center around the risks of pregnancy if the pill is not taken at the same time everyday, as well as what to […]


What Does Sexual Consent Look Like?

When it comes to sex, consent is essential. As JoEllen Notte of the RedHead Bedhead writes in her article, consent is to sexual play as a doorbell is to a home. We do not question the validity of houses having doorbells rather than opening the door and walking on in without asking first. And yet, […]

how to share a dildo

How Do I Share A Dildo?

How safe is it to use the same dildo on yourself as on your partner? This question is posed to Megan Andelloux of The Center For Sexual Pleasure and Health (the CSPH). Sharing sex toys can be very safe with low risk of passing on STIs (sexually transmitted infections). However, in order to maintain that […]