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8 Tips for Safer, Smarter Hook Ups

If you're getting it on and the getting is good, here are some ways to keep it safe. Hooking up or "picking up" is suppose to be a fun way to explore your sexuality. And there is no shame in experiencing pleasure for pleasure sake. But as with any exploration, there is a set of basic rules that can keep you safe- both emotionally and physically. We're sex-positive here, so we figure if you decide hooking up is the thing for you we want to provide you with ways to do it safely and keep a smile on your face. Here are Besider's 8 Tips for Safer, Smarter Hook Ups. In summary: Before you hook up, get tested and know your status Think and plan ahead about birth control and STI protection methods. Come prepared with more than one condom and/or sex dam Always meet in public … [Read More...]

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How to Choose Lube Best for Your pH Balance

Personal lube can be a fantastic companion. As we’ve discussed before at SS.Ed, most condom users don’t realize that a few drops of lube will greatly enhance pleasure and make sex more safe. Lube not only increases sensitivity, it also reduces friction and the risk of condom breakage.  Lube reduces irritation, dryness and can help […]

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The Female Condom: Will It Get Stuck Inside Me?

The FC2 female condom (a.k.a. the “internal condom”) is one of the most recent innovations in safer sex technology. The FC2 is the only insertable contraceptive available that protects against both STIs and accidental pregnancy. However, because it is so different from traditional roll-on condoms, many are weary of using female condoms. One of the […]

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5 Ways to Have Hot (and Super Safe) Sex with Your Partner

Think you know everything about condoms? Just check the expiry date, unwrap and roll on… Well, according to Lucky Bloke’s Global Condom Review, most people aren’t equipped with important condom know-how. The result? Most people are using the wrong condom. As Melissa White, CEO of Lucky Bloke explains below, the majority of people who dislike […]


Sexual History Should Not Be A Mystery

BY MELANIE DAVIS, PhD | When Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” he wasn’t talking about sex; however, the aphorism is worth keeping in mind before you enter into a sexual relationship. Knowing a potential partner’s sexual history can help you make informed decisions about the level […]

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Are Condoms Uncomfortable? These 10 Non-Latex Options Can Help

Dislike latex? Your best non latex condom options may change your mind about condoms. When it comes to condoms, latex is the most prolific material by far. But speckled across the sea of safer sex products is a growing number of alternative non latex condom options. There are many benefits to non latex condoms. As […]


Should I Buy Condoms For My Teen?

BY DR. KAREN RAYNE | No side: BUT THEN THEY’LL HAVE SEX! Yes side: But if they want to, they’ll have sex anyway. I do an experiment with my classes every now and then, for fun. I ask them through an anonymous question and answer system whether they plan to have sex later in […]

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Is My Penis Size Normal?

Melissa White, CEO of Lucky Bloke once said, “Size does matter, but not in the way you might think.” She was referring to the importance of wearing the right size condom. In order to experience more pleasurable with reliable safe sex, you need to know what condoms fit your penis size. Beyond that, size really […]


Seductive At Any Size

Every woman, whether she knows it or not, is a seductress. What is a “Sacred Seductress”? According to sex coach and writer, Kitty Cavalier, every woman- no matter her size, height, race, abilities, etc.- possesses the power of seduction. To be “sexy” comes from confidence in one’s self. Sexiness is knowing that you are “perfectly […]

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Well-Women Visits: 6 Things You Should Know

Did you know that a “well-woman” visit is now fully covered by insurance under new law? Yes, all teen girls and women up to age 65 are recommended to schedule a well-woman visit once a year. And that has just been made easier thanks to the Affordable Care Act. A well-woman exam is important for […]

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What Sexual Activities Put You at Risk of STIs?

Most sex educators and medical professionals use the term “safer” instead of “safe” sex because certain risks do not completely go away when engaging in sexual activities. No matter our age, race, economic status, sexuality, gender, relationship type, married or single, all of us are at risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The most effective […]


How To Choose the Best Condoms for You (and Your Partner)!

When it comes to condom information, how do you know which are the best condoms? There exists thousands of variation that explain the same, step-by-step instructions of how to open a condom package, put it on, and dispose of the condom. Unfortunately, very few people learn anything else beyond that. This short-sighted approach allows for […]

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Some Lubes are Safer for Anal Sex

Educators have long recommended silicone lube for anal play. However, many also insist on using more low-cost, drug store-available water-based lubricants because water-based is compatible with all types of condoms. The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (The CSPH) reports on a pair of studies that found that silicone lubricant may actually be an all-around […]

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5 Myths About the Pull-Out Method, Corrected

The pull-out method (also known as “withdrawal” or “coitus interruptus”) involves the one with the penis to pull-out before he ejaculates. Health professionals do consider this a true method of birth control. Did you know that if the pull-out method is done correctly every time, it is almost as effective as using condoms to prevent […]

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How Can I Use Safer Sex Methods Without Killing the Mood?

Forget your dull sex education class. Being safer is not a chore to your sex life. Sex educators Kate McCombs and Louise Bourchier will tell you that all you need is a little preparation and imagination to make safer sex easier and hotter. Take the time to watch this 2 and a half minute video […]

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Monogamous? This STI Doesn’t Care

New research published this year suggests that Lyme disease may be sexually transmitted between humans. These new findings could fundamentally change the way we think about STIs. The study (headed by microbiologist Marianne Middelveen and an international team of medical researchers) is the first to officially investigate sexual transmission between partners. However, it has been […]

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When to get Tested for STIs/STDs

Did you know that when you’ve been exposed to a sexually transmitted infection (STI) there is a duration of time in which the infection cannot be detectable through testing? This is referred to as the window period. During this window period, the infected person can pass on the STI to others. This is why, when […]


Which Lubes Are Safe to Use With Condoms?

Which Lubes Are Safe to Use With Condoms? Lubrication isn’t something everyone considers carefully when it comes to safer sex. However, being prepared and having a favorite lube on hand can greatly increase pleasure.  After this video, you should be assured you’re using the correct lube for your safety and play. In this video, Oh […]

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Drink and Be Merry: How to Party Safer

It is not simply enough to say, “Don’t have sex when you are drunk.” In real life, sometimes when people party it can lead to sex. No surprise there. Sometimes people falter. Thus it is better to be aware of these tendencies and adopt some basic protocol to help you party safer and reduce risks […]