EVENT: Choosing Condoms for Pleasure with Melissa White

SHE logo_hi-resJoin Melissa White of Lucky Bloke as she explains: How to Choose Condoms for Ultimate Pleasure

As CEO at Lucky Bloke, converting non-believers to a better sex life with condoms is Melissa’s passion and expertise. So if you would file yourself in the love-to-hate condom category, you’re sleeping with a partner who is a condom foe, or even if you’re just curious about better sex with condoms, Melissa’s here to empower you with a workshop that is guaranteed to radically improve your safer-sex pleasure.

She’ll also get to the bottom of lube, the perfect condiment to much hotter sex. If your past experience was a sticky mess or you simply have no idea where to begin Melissa’s workshop should be your first stop!

WHAT:  Join Melissa White, CEO of Lucky Bloke, for a crazy fun session at SHE, the Sexual Health Expo, that will change the way you think about both condoms and lube — forever.

While the drugstores would have you believe that there are 3 choices and 2 bottles, that’s not the truth at all.

Bring your sexy brain and your sense of humor and discover:

  • Why 70% of people are using the wrong sized condom

  • How to choose the right condom, from material to size to texture and taste

  • Why the lube you’re using might be the wrong one for your type of play

  • Why your bathroom has the one tool you need to get you into the right sized condom
    (hint: it’s not your scale)

All attendees will receive the Lucky Bloke Ultimate Condom or Lube Sampler of their choice!

WHEN:   Saturday, January 17th at 11:30am

WHERE:   Sofitel Hotel in West Hollywood, CA.
Event tickets: $25 per couple, good for 2 days at the Expo > Get them here.

WHO:  As the CEO of Lucky Bloke, Melissa’s mission is to help legions of condom users across the globe have the very best sex possible by introducing them to condoms that are specifically ideal for them. Lots of people are fumbling the safer sex thing. Melissa has a knack for showing you how to choose just the precisely right condom for you – and how that translates to much better sex.

While it’s true that Melissa did not know during the career unit in 7th grade she’d eventually end up a condom expert, it’s undeniable that there are few things that make her happier than turning a condom skeptic into a condom lover.  

Often found online fighting sexual health stigma and misinformation – Melissa is the internet’s favorite condom crusader. Her expertise of making sex education sexy can be found at Huffington Post, Think Progress, Mother Jones, Men’s Health, the Good Men Project and RH Reality Check (to name a few), as well as Lucky Bloke’s recently launched SaferSex.Education, an online resource providing accurate, progressive advice from leading sex educators –created to support everyone navigating sexual relationships and choices.

When she’s not thinking about how to spread the condom gospel through Lucky Bloke’s global condom reviews and safer sex awareness initiatives, there is an 87% chance Melissa is considering what song she will choose for her inevitable Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon lip sync battle.

About SHE – Sexual Health Expo

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