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48- megan-unsafe-toysConsumers beware. Did you know that the US government does not regulate or test sex toys?

Therefore, toy manufacturers can make products out of whatever material they want. This lack of oversight raises serious public health concern as the wrong toys can introduce infections, bacteria and harmful chemicals into the body.

For now, the erotic toy business is self-regulated. There are manufacturers and adult stores that actively try to change safety standards and raise awareness of body safe products, such as Good Vibrations, Smitten Kitten, Metis Black and many more. But it is important that consumers do their own research and educate themselves before purchasing a sex toy.

In this five minute video by Oh Megan and The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health, Megan Andelloux answers the question:

What sex toys are not body safe? Here are some key points:

  • In general, toys made of materials that can be sterilized in boiling water or do not absorb bacteria are safe.
  • Unsafe toys can store and introduce infection into your or your partner’s body.
  • Sex toys should never smell. If a toy is scented it generally means the manufacturer is masking the bad smell of off-gases in the material.
  • Steer clear of any material, like Siligel, that can change shape or size.
  • If a toy is translucent or see-through, use it with a condom and throw away after 6 months of use.
  • Toys made of CyberSkin, like FleshLight, are not safe because the material can flake off in the body and expand.
  • Do not put porous material into the body such as toys made with a branded cord, wood or leather.
  • Silicon is recognized as the best body safe toy.

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Your sex questions answered by Megan Andelloux, Certified Sex Educator, and founder of the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health! Megan answers REAL questions that she has been asked by people like you! Megan has been in the sexuality field for 16 years, and has visited over 75 different schools, is a faculty instructor for the Brown School of Medicine, and is the author of the book “Hot and Fast: Spontaneous Quickies for Passionate Orgasms”

Here Megan gives advice on sex toy materials that are not safe for the body.

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