Call for Guest Contributors!

call for contributorsWould you like to be a guest writer for SaferSex.Education? Are you an expert in the field of sexual health?  Does your work contribute to a better informed, sex-positive world?

We are seeking accurate, entertaining, informative articles on the topics of safer sex practices and sexual well-being. We accept both syndicated content and original guest posts.

SaferSex.Education (SS.Ed) is an online resource that collects and shares content by well-known sex educators and sex-positive advocates. Our expert contributors include award-winning writers and experts such as Heather Corinna, Elle Chase, Megan Andelloux, Kate McCombs, and many more!

We publish accurate, up-to-date features to improve and support safer sex practices and sexual well-being. Articles are organized under five main categories: 1) barrier methods (i.e. condoms, sex dams); 2) birth control; 3) STI/STD testing/prevention; 4) body image and pleasure; 5) sexual safety conversations (with partners, teens, parents, etcetera).

We publish content that not only offers the “how-tos” on safer sex, but also challenges the shame and stigma attached to safer practices. Generally, our content speaks to audiences 18 years old+, and we have a special section dedicated to sex and aging. We are inclusive of people’s diversity and seek content that supports sexual minorities.


You can pitch us your idea or write a post and send it in. Which ever works for you.

Posts must be at least 500 words. There is no maximum word limit. We’ll feature your article with your byline, bio and link to your website and Twitter. We will also promote your article/s through frequent rotation on our social media channels.

Our primary purpose is to inform, not promote. We understand that guest posting is important for raising your online visibility, and that’s fine. But please don’t submit a puff piece that is loaded with obvious self-promotion.

If you feel like you’d be a perfect fit, please send us a link to your writing or submit samples to our editor,, and we’ll be in touch.