The CSPH: Will The Nuva Ring Affect How I Have Sex?

oh megan nuva ringThe Nuva Ring is used now by around 1.5 million women worldwide and has been hailed as a wonder contraceptive by many. The birth control makes reversible hormonal contraception simple as the user can insert it for a period of 3 weeks to help prevent pregnancy.

However, the Nuva Ring is not a widely known contraceptive and those interested in learning more or are new to using the product may have some questions.

In this video, sex educator Megan Andelloux addresses some of those questions and tells the viewer:

  • The Nuva Ring fits into the back of the vagina and is held in place by the vaginal muscles.
  • The penis likely won’t feel the Nuva Ring although a finger may.
  • Removing the Nuva Ring for 4 hours still leaves you protected from pregnancy if you don’t want to risk it interfering with sex or you don’t want your partner to know you are wearing it.
  • Silicone lube and toys can be used with the Nuva Ring and will not affect it’s quality.

This video was originally published on the CSPH website.


Like all forms of contraception it’s important you know the full risks and advantages of using the Nuva Ring and talk with a medical professional about it’s suitability for you.

megan_andellouxMEGAN ANDELLOUX  is a Clinical Sexologist and certified Sexuality Educator, listed on Wikipedia as one of the top sexuality educators in America, her innovative education programs, writing, social media presence, and ambitious speaking schedule has made her one of America’s most recognized and sought-after experts in the growing field of sexual pleasure, health, and politics.
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