SEXLIBS: When Condoms Make You Uncomfortable

condom libsBY DR. KAREN RAYNE |

Lots of people don’t like using condoms – they don’t even like talking about condoms.

Talking about condoms is complicated, filled with societal judgment and dogma, and thus can feel hard to bring up.

So what to do when a lover or a student or anyone else rejects a condom conversation when you feel it is important – or maybe even required?

CONDOM SEXLIBS, that’s what!

Work through an entire Sexlibs about condoms (please see below!), and you’ll have started some of the more difficult condom related questions, as well as some of the sillier ones, and there’s nothing wrong with whimsy about sex, especially if it makes talking a little easier:

Condom Love

The first time I ever put on a condom I was _____________ years old, and I put it on a _____________.  Afterwards, I felt _____________. I told _____________. I was hoping they would react by _____________.

When I think about using a condom during sex, I think that sounds _____________. My favorite thing about using a condom is _____________, and my least favorite is _____________.

If I were designing my own condom, it would be _____________ and _____________, and secretly I think it would be even cooler if it could be _____________, although I know that’s not possible.

My favorite way to put on a condom is _____________. To make sex with a condom even sexier, it’s best if you _____________.

I think it would be hilarious if someone took _____________ and filled a condom with it. But it’d be even funnier to have a fight with condoms filled with _____________.

My favorite brand and style of condoms is _____________ and _____________.

(More Sexlibs, including a book, are forthcoming by Dr. Karen Rayne.)

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rayne2sm DR. KAREN RAYNE With a doctoral degree is in Educational Psychology, Karen provides advice and support to parents on how to educate their children and teenagers about sex and sexuality. Karen’s knowledge about adolescent development and education provides her with a solid background for guiding parents through these tricky conversations. And, as a college professor, helping young adults grapple with sexuality, she is known to change student’s lives. On twitter @KarenRayne