What Makes Someone A Slut?


Slut. It’s a loaded word. What does it mean? When does someone qualify as a slut? Renowned sex educator, Megan Andelloux, shares how she handles the question in workshops: “What Makes Someone a Slut?”

Don’t miss her tips on steps you can take when you hear someone called a “slut”. Key points:

  • It’s ambiguous. There is no single definition. Different people have different ideas of what “slut” means.
  • Due to differing definitions, any number of situations can lead to a woman being labeled “slut”.
  • Some women are reclaiming the word in an empowering way.
  • Most importantly- call people out when they use the slut word. Ask them what they mean.


megan_andellouxMEGAN ANDELLOUX is a Clinical Sexologist and certified Sexuality Educator, listed on Wikipedia as one of the top sexuality educators in America, her innovative education programs, writing, social media presence, and ambitious speaking schedule has made her one of America’s most recognized and sought-after experts in the growing field of sexual pleasure, health, and politics.
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