WE NEED YOU: Join the #LustforLife Campaign

one_lustforlifeThe #LustforLife Campaign shines a spotlight on the fact that nearly 70% of the 50,000 new HIV infections in the U.S. each year occur in urban communities.

In fact, HIV prevalence in low-income urban areas throughout the U.S. is similar to that of countries where USAID has declared HIV epidemics. Among heterosexual people in urban neighborhoods, HIV prevalence is four times higher than the US national average. By race and ethnicity, African Americans are the most heavily affected by HIV transmission, followed by Latinos.

ONE® Condom’s mission is to increase condom use by creating products and programs that make it easier to learn about, talk about, and practice safer sex. Recognizing that urban communities are among the hardest hit by HIV transmission, and believing that as a community we can make a difference:

They’ve launched the #LustforLife Campaign to bring all of us—artists, health activists, community leaders, and the public—together to shine a national spotlight on this critical issue.  We’re delighted to partner and support them.


1) ONE partnered with Billi Kid to curate twenty-two celebrated graffiti and street artists in the New York City area, who wanted to use their talents to raise awareness. ONE provided the artists with ordinary traffic STOP signs, which they have repurposed into powerful works of art.

screen-capture-2 (1)

Check out the art here.

2) The art will be auctioned off to benefit Lifebeat, a non-profit organization that provides HIV outreach and support to young people in urban communities.

3) ONE is producing condom wrappers inspired by the work of the artists, and will distribute millions of them through public health organizations nationwide. They will also introduce retail 12-packs and other products, and will donate a portion of sales to urban outreach programs.

4) We will use our site to help spread the news about the #LustforLife Campaign and publish articles about HIV and urban youth to raise awareness about condom use.


The #LustforLife Campaign is intended to bring people together toward a common goal- stopping HIV in urban communities. Here are ways you can help raise awareness about this public health issue.

Everyone can get involved:

  • Share art or show support for the campaign using #LustforLife. ONE® will choose winners at random each day to win product and swag.
  • Re-post and Re-tweet campaign facts and information from @onecondoms, @theluckybloke, and #LustforLife

Health Activists:

  • Distribute #LustforLife products in your clinics or outreach programs.
  • Register to become an official organizational sponsor of the #LustforLife campaign – help advise us on future launches, initiatives and program elements.

Businesses can get involved:

  • Sell #LustforLife retail products, where a portion of the sale will be donated to urban outreach programs.
  • Show support for your local community by registering to display art during the campaign (currently New York City only)

SOCIAL: Primary hashtag, for use in all communications and social posts: #LustforLife.

Additional hashtags: #ONECondoms, #TogetherONE, #Lifebeat, #BilliKid

WEBSITE: OneCondoms.com/LustforLife, LustforLifeCampaign.com

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